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You are our number one priority and we pride ourselves in happy and satisfied clients. If you are happy and know it, let us know it. If you have any issues, we need to hear that too. So contact us with reviews, feedback, questions, comments, requests or concerns. One of our representatives will respond as quickly as possible.

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Due to the unique nature of all our designs and products, we do not accept returns of any kind. We are diligent in providing proofs so that you can approve all work. We, of course, will replace any damaged items should it be an error on our part. We know that you are looking for custom, personalized goods for your event, so we are confident that you understand why we have this policy in place.


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Do you provide International delivery?


Unfotunately, not for all procuts at this time. But we do take requests, So please feel free to contact us if you are intersted in purchasing out of the US.


How do I return an item?


Please refer to our return policy above the FAQ section. In the event of damaged goods or any issues you believe were an error on our part, please contact us directly at 718.966.6636 or We will make every effort to correct that problem within our control.


What is your returns policy?


lease refer to our return policy above the FAQ section.

How do I track my order?


Any shipped goods will have a tracking number which will be sent to you via email after the order has gone into "shipped" status. In the event you do not receive an email confirmation with tracking, please contact us and we will easily provide it for you.


Do you give discounts?


Unfortunately, since all of our products are hand made, we do not offer discounts. We hope you understand.


What are your delivery options?


You can pick up in store or we can ship items directly to you. Once an order is placed, we will decide which delivery method is best suited for you. It will depend on size, weight and destination.

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